Various rocket propellants and their characteristics

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Rocket propellant

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Rocket engine nozzle

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An overview of rocket propellants and their properties. Propellant is the chemical mixture burned to produce thrust in rockets and consists of a fuel and an oxidizer. A fuel is a substance which burns when combined with oxygen producing gas for propulsion.

An oxidizer is an agent that releases oxygen for combination with a fuel. Propellants are classified according to their state - liquid. Rocket Propellants and their characteristics.

Introduction Rocket propellants are the fuels and the oxidizers carried by the rocket for propulsion. Liquid Propulsion: Propellant Feed System Design The propellant feed system of a liquid rocket engine determines how the propellants are delivered from the tanks to the thrust chamber.

They are generally classified as either pressure The pressure-fed system has general characteristics of being a simple, low-cost design. Heavy Satellite Launch Vehicles: An Assessment 2 Introduction A satellite launch vehicle (rocket) is designed to lift a satellite from the earth and to deliver it to the desired orbit.

The strength of such a vehicle depends on the weight of the satellite and the nature of the orbit in which it is to be placed.

Various rocket propellants and their characteristics
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