Technical education and its importance in

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technical and vocational education and training was reduced. The seminal article on vocational training written by Foster in is again receiving attention. The technical education produces technicians for all type of industries and it is true that the progress of a country much depend upon its Industrialization without which a handsome economy would not be possible.

Career and technical education (CTE), sometimes referred to as vocational education,1 provides occupational and non-occupational preparation at the secondary, postsecondary, and adult education.

Essay on Importance of Technical Education in India

On the other hand, students choosing vocational and technical education can often get quick results and find work in some high-demand fields that require only certificates and associate degrees.

Four trends in vocational and technical education show promise for those who want a career but don’t have the time—or money—to spend getting there. Apr 17,  · Technical communication serves a number of purposes in engineering and other technical fields: it is a way of facilitating communication about projects and ideas throughout the industry, it is important in documenting discoveries, designs, products, and methodologies, it.

The Technical Education comes under the branch of Vocational Education which deals practically in the field of trade, commerce, agriculture, medicine & Engineering.

Technical education is academic and vocational preparation of students for jobs involving applied science and modern technology.

Technical education and its importance in
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