Symptoms of a stroke and how

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Understanding Stroke -- Symptoms

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Stroke Signs and Symptoms

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Stroke Warning Signs and Symptoms

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Embolic Stroke

Ask the topic to smile, and see if one side is attempting. The FAST test can be used to recognise the signs of a TIA as well. A TIA (transient ischaemic attack), also known as a mini-stroke, is the same as a stroke, except that the symptoms last for a short amount of you, or someone else, show any of the signs of stroke you must call Knowing the signs of a stroke is the first step in stroke prevention.A stroke, sometimes called a "brain attack," occurs when blood flow to an area in.

If someone shows any of these symptoms, immediately call or emergency medical services. F.A.S.T. is an easy way to remember the sudden signs and symptoms of stroke. Learn more about F.A.S.T. Warning Signs in Posterior Circulation Strokes Posterior circulations strokes (a stroke.

If you or someone with you exhibits any of the signs of stroke, do not delay because timely treatment is critical to survival and recovery. You must get. Symptoms of a Stroke. If you’re like many women, chances are you go to great lengths not to burden those around you. But the signs of stroke demand immediate attention.

Ten days after Tamika Quinn‘s daughter Sequoia was born, she woke up with an excruciating. May 08,  · A telephone survey of more than 71, adults in 13 states and Washington, D.C., has revealed that few people know the warning signs of a stroke.

Symptoms of a stroke and how
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14 Warning Signs and Symptoms of Stroke FAST (Mini, TIA) & Treatments