Spoilage and fermented milk products biology essay

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Microbial Production of Fermented Foods

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As for the fact that pasteurized milk does not spoil for a long time, then sour milk is widely used around the world along with fermented milk products. It is delivered to people with various diseases, since it is easier to digest, it can act as a laxative, and its flavor profile is not so bad.

Milk: Composition and Products | Microbiology

Yogurt, one of the fermented milk products, is made by inoculating certain bacteria (starter culture), usually Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus, into milk. After the milk is incubated at approximately C for 2 to 3 hours or until firm; the milk is coagulated by bacteria-produced lactic acid.

Spoilage microorganisms in milk and dairy products. pasteurized and sterilized milk, fermented milk, butter, sour cream and cheeses with the intention to emphasize the importance and. Biopreservation The Food Preservation Biology Essay Biopreservation entails the preservation of food and food products utilising biological substances (Caplice and Fitzgerald, ).

It refers to the extension of the shelf-life and the improvement of the safety of foods using microorganisms and/or their metabolites or fermentation products to. Spoilage and fermented milk products Raw milk will turn sour when it is left standing for a while.

It is the effect of fermentation by lactic acid bacteria, where bacteria ferment the lactose inside the milk. Fermented Milk. Fermented milks are products made by fermenting (i.e. culturing) milks with suitable microorganisms to reduce the pH, with or without coagulation. Fermented milk products have been consumed throughout the world for thousands of years, Fermentation prevents the spoilage by harmful bacteria and prolongs the shelf-life of.

Spoilage and fermented milk products biology essay
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Milk: Composition and Products | Microbiology