Should teachers and students be friends on facebook essay

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August 5th, "Teachers should not agree to join a student’s list of Facebook friends, engage in texting or other electronic communication that could cast suspicion on the teacher-student relationship. There are boundaries that must not be crossed.

Should teachers and students be friends of the Facebook variety? Should they text, tweet, snap or ‘gram each other?Parents want to know where the boundaries should be when it comes to educators. As the Chinese saying” Like friends, Like teachers”, the relationship between students and teachers sometimes may be blurred.

In my opinion, the relationship still needs some distance. Therefore, I suggest that students shouldn’t add their teachers as Facebook friends. "Should teachers and students be Facebook friends?," askedToday Show Parents article.

"Should they text, tweet, 'snap' or ‘gram' each other?" The article begins by looking at two parents, Tara Paige and Stefani McNair, and their contrasting views about teachers, students, and social media.

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Should teachers and students be friends on facebook essay
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