Sanity and deep ocean currents overview

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6 Tips for Building Emotional Muscle When Life Gets Tough

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Two new workshop reports provide insights into what we know and don’t know about the effects of solar variability on climate. The National Academies Press has released a draft publication entitled The effects of solar variability on Earth’s climate: A workshop report.

Smithsonian Ocean

The Workshop was. Professor Stephen Riser is a Professor of Physical Oceanography at the University of Washington, interested in the ocean's role in climate, and in deducing the general circulation of the ocean and ocean/atmosphere/ice interactions through direct observations of the ocean circulation.

Talk:Flat Earth/Archive1. From RationalWiki ocean currents in the Arctic and Antarctic regions are very similar.

Exploring Our Fluid Earth

The southern and northern jet=streams have the same character and speed. The article is a mixture of sanity and "we are right and you are wrong," which never convinces anyone and may drive away.

Sep 18,  · Deep Sea Snooze Fuguheads Furrowed In Ocean Floor Mainstream science websites like Deep Sea News posit that there is no threat whatsoever from Fukushima radiation, yet devote very little attention to the issue other than to deride those are worried about it (23).

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Ocean Currents - Ocean waters are constantly being pushed around the earth by currents. A current is a stream of water that flows through the ocean like a river.

Some of the currents are on the surface of the ocean while others are deeper beneath the surface.

Sanity and deep ocean currents overview
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