Gender and girl child

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Discrimination Against the Girl Child

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International Day of the Girl Child | Gender Equality | Hungama Kids

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Baby Heart Rate and Gender: Can It Predict the Sex of Your Baby?

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A very happy International Day of Girl Child. UN started this initiative on 11th Octoberto increase the awareness of ‘gender inequality’ faced by girls all over the world.

Originated from Qing Dynasty ( - AD), the Chinese Gender Chart or Birth Chart is widely used to predict baby's sex. It is based on two elements: the mother-to-be's lunar conception month and Chinese lunar age when the baby is conceived.

International Day of the Girl Child is an international observance day declared by the United Nations; it is also called the Day of Girls and the International Day of the Girl. October 11.

2018, 2019 Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart

Are you having a boy or girl? Have fun with our baby gender predictor quiz. Just 15 simple questions inspired by the most popular wives’ tales and pregnancy myth, find out the gender of your baby.

Find out what pregnancy symptoms may determine whether you have a boy or girl. For the girl who grows up poor in a remote rural area, staying in school and learning can protect her from child marriage, intimate-partner violence and continued poverty.

For a boy who lives in an urban slum, schooling instead of child labour can provide him with the skills needed for better a paying and more fulfilling job as an adult.

Want to know your unborn baby's gender or planning to get pregnant with preferred baby sex? Use ourChinese gender calendar chart and calculator to predict if you will have a boy or girl. And Chinese pregnancy calendar to calculate best c.

Gender and girl child
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Chinese Gender Calendar: Calculator, , Predictor Chart for Baby Gender, Pregnancy Calendar