Essay comparing malcolm x and martin luther king

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Compare and contrast Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

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Nonviolent resistance

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19f. The Life and Times of John Adams

and Malcolm X were both civil rights leaders during the s, but had different ideologies on how civil rights should be won. Martin Luther King Jr. - A just law is a law that requires both minority and majority groups to obey.

MLK inferred that an unjust law is a law that forces a group to follow a statute that the minority group had no hand in voting on. Martin Luther King vs Malcolm X In history, everyone knows that no two great men are alike. And when you compare Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, you will know instantly that such is true.

There are many differences between the two, apart from the striking one: that Martin Luther King was a very good statesman who. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X are two people on different ends of the scales, with totally different up-bringings.

* King was brought up by a rich black family,with a good education, and a good chance at life.

Essay comparing malcolm x and martin luther king
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