Discussing how counselling and psychotherapy works

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Improving assertiveness. Avoiding. Pamela holds a Masters degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy and over the last 13 years has worked as a psychotherapist in both the voluntary and private sector. She began her professional career in the area of mental health and education and later moved into people management.

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Michael is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who holds the qualification Doctor of Clinical Psychology (DClinPsych) from Queen’s University Belfast. Many people enter the therapy process with minimal awareness of their trauma history. When the trauma survivors are dissociative, they have the ability to block out an awareness of their trauma.

Psychotherapy involves exploring your feelings, beliefs and thoughts, including those from childhood, to come to a fuller understanding of the problems you face. Given the often sensitive nature of the issues discussed, developing a trusting relationship with the psychotherapist is paramount to effective treatment.

Discussing how counselling and psychotherapy works
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Emotional Dependency in Psychotherapy