Chromosomal chaos and cancer essay

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Chromosomes and Cancer

Cancer immunotherapy produces durable clinical responses in only a subset of patients. Identification of tumor characteristics that correlate with responses could lead to predictive biomarkers and shed light on causal mechanisms.

Li L, McCormack AA, Nicholson JM, Fabarius A, Hehlmann R, Sachs RK, Duesberg PH., Cancer-causing karyotypes: chromosomal equilibria between destabilizing aneuploidy and stabilizing selection for oncogenic function.

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Failed DNA repair triggers chromosomal chaos in cancer cells

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The high incidence of colorectal cancer (CRC), one of the most common malignant tumors, ranks third among all cancer types [1]. The 5-year and year survival rates for patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer are 65% and respectively 58%.

regates chromosomes during cell division. Once aneuploidy is established, therefore, additional derangement of the chromo-somes is likely. This could explain why even cancer cells within the same tumor can exhibit different combinations and alterations of their chromosomes, making each cell a kind of new species unto itself.

Chromosomal chaos and cancer essay
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